The Turkmenbashi-Makhachkala ferry line will become part of a major East-West transport corridor

The Turkmenbashi-Makhachkala ferry line, which will be launched in 2019, is a large-scale project for the region. The renewed route will not just connect two ports, but will become a transit point from which a full-fledged transport corridor to the Black sea will be built. Reports a specialized website

According to the head of the trade mission of the Russian Federation in Turkmenistan Alexander Yelizarov, trade representatives of India and Iran have already conducted research on the export of goods of their producers on the Turkmenbashi-Makhachkala ferry line. Now the Russian side intends to involve more remote countries � Vietnam and the Republic of Korea-in the project.

Today, there are a number of specific companies interested in the emergence of a transport corridor that would connect the East with the West through the Caspian and Black seas, emphasizes Yelizarov. At the moment, they carry goods by ferry to Baku, and then through the territory of Dagestan fall into the middle lane of Russia, which is much more expensive.

According to estimates of the trade mission of the Russian Federation in Turkmenistan, in the medium term, the Turkmenbashi-Makhachkala ferry line will be able to receive 8 million tons of cargo per year. In the first stage, the transportation will be carried out in the range of 300-500 thousand tons of cargo per year, which will make the project payback and demonstrate its potential to carriers.

In the early 2000s, various factors hindered the operation of the Turkmenbashi-Makhachkala ferry service. After almost two decades, much has changed, including increased transport and transit potential of Turkmenistan, which in 2018 was opened in the region's largest international seaport of Turkmenbashi.

The total area of the sea Harbor, equipped according to international standards, is 1 million 385.5 thousand square meters with a pier length of 3.6 thousand meters.

Source: Nebit-Gaz