The versatility of Berdisahet Gurbansahedov’s talent

On the occasion of the 65th birthday of artist Berdisahet Gurbansahedov, a personal exhibition of his 80 works was opened in the Exhibition Center of Ashgabat.

This is the artist's third solo exhibition. The first exhibition surprised the audience with the cranes circling above the sea waves and the waves crashing against the rocks. At that time, he was called "The first Turkmen sailor artist".

However, in his second personal exhibition, Berdisahet Gurbansakhedov showed the desert, and he showed it vividly as if he had lived in the desert all his life. In it were the creatures of the desert: lizards, rabbits, snakes, and the desert itself in all its beauty. He established himself as a naturalist by describing the animals and their habits in detail.

And in his current exhibition, Berdisahet Gurbansahedov performed with the versatility of his talent. In his works, he praises the rich Turkmen nature, ancient history and culture.

Three of his paintings are devoted to the theme of the Great Silk Road. The first picture, "Waiting for the Cargo", depicts people and camels waiting for goods on the shores of the ancient Caspian Sea. But as evidenced by the approaching ship in the photo, they won't have to wait much longer.

In the second picture, "With Torched Yoda", a line of laden camels is slowly walking under the scorching sun, accompanied by dogs, among the golden fields of Karakum.

The third picture, titled "Goat Market", depicts a historical view of the Goat Market, taken by the artist from a 1907 photograph of Ashgabat.

In these three pictures, the artist recreates the main periods of the dangerous life of our ancestors, where international trade took place.

One of the pictures that attracts special attention is called "Suri". Then the boy walks across the river with a herd of cows. Again, there is a certain authenticity of what is happening here, which is what attracts the viewer to the picture. There is a reason for all this - the artist is photographing something very beautiful. According to his childhood memories, he was actively involved in village work, spending summers in the village. That's where this thread comes from.

The exhibition has many impressive works by the artist. They are the trio "Mountain dwellers", "Durnalar", "Uch dost", "Arslan", "Leglekler", "Nusay", "Avaza" and others.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper