There are festive preparations for the Day of Melon in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is preparing to celebrate the Day of the Melon. A sweet and fragrant holiday in honor of the "queen" of melon plantation will be celebrated this year on August 17.

The sign of this celebration was the erection of yellow pyramids of "paradisiacal fruits", mountains of watermelons, decorating not only the markets, but also the squares of the capital and velayat centers of the country. Here you can see varietal champions - "heavyweights" and the most unusual forms of melons, appreciate the sweetness and aromatic power of the Turkmen melon and immerse yourself in the festival atmosphere of radiant summer holiday, at which everyone is a welcome guest.

In these days, the Turkmen people pay homage to the work and talent of domestic melon growers. Concerts and performances, art exhibitions in museums and other celebrations will be dedicated to all of them and to the queen of melon field.

There are many varieties of melons, only in domestic breeding they number in 400. The most popular are, of course, "vakharman" from Murghab valley, lebap "gulyabi", dashoguz "gurbeki", akhal "garrygys", fragrant fruits, grown on dry lands of Balkan ... They are different in form, period of growth, flavor, sugar content, pulp density, but it is impossible fully prefer one of the varieties.

Small round, early "zamchi" has already opened a melon season in the end of May, after which autumn-winter varieties will follow almost to the next spring.

"Paradisiacal" fruits were a worthy decoration of the tables of emperors, padishahs and sultans. Today domestic breeders - melon growers continue to work on breeding new varieties, carefully saving all the best that was created by our people for millennia.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency