“There are more bosses than farmers.” G. Berdimuhamedov sharply criticized the hyakims of the velayats for the situation in the agro-industrial complex

“There are several bosses for every farmer who grows crops!” said Chairman of the Halk Maslakhaty Milli Gengesh (upper house of parliament) Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov , who sharply criticized the leaders of the region for the deplorable situation in agriculture.


On October 22, the ex-president held a meeting at which he announced his intention to unite several sparsely populated villages, towns and etraps. He devoted the second half of the meeting to problems in the field of agriculture and criticized the work of the khyakims of all five velayats, who do not cope with the tasks of harvesting the planned cotton crops, sowing wheat and do not provide the fields with enough irrigation water.


Addressing the khyakim of Akhal velayat Yazmuhammet Gurbannazarov , Berdimuhamedov said that drains are not being dug in the region, and equipment remains ownerless , which was purchased in large quantities by the state.


Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed that “it is not the fault of the  farmers who grow crops. The problem is that there are few daikhans (farmers, note HT) and their number is not increasing . ”


“Each etrap khyakimlik has a significant staff, and they all want to be bosses. As a result  , for every daikhan who grows crops and for every worker who produces products, there are several bosses . Thus,  there are actually more leaders than workers . They hinder more than help. Therefore, it is concluded that the blame lies with the leaders and hyakims,” said the chairman of the Halk Maslakhaty.


In his opinion, officials still cannot find “the real owner of the land .” “ When he is found , neither the boss, nor your instructions, nor your leadership will be required. Because he knows what needs to be done,” the ex-president said, but did not specify what he meant by the definition of “real owner of the land” – a new khyakim, the creation of a position responsible for land distribution, expanding the rights of tenants or attracting new farmers.


Turning to the  Balkan velayat , the ex-president noted that the results of subsidies and subsidies provided to farmers by the state are not visible, and the pace of cotton harvest is very low.


“Since the rains will start soon, the daikhan’s hard-grown crop should not be lost, but  with the current organization of work it will be difficult to correct the current situation ,” Berdimuhamedov said.


Speaking about wheat crops, he also admitted that if the requirements of agricultural technology are not followed,  a full-fledged harvest will not be possible , and turning to water use issues, he noted that equipment for the rational use of water must be “protected in a businesslike manner”.


“Not worthy of praise” called the ex-president’s work in the agricultural sector of the  Dashoguz velayat .


“With the onset of cold and rainy days, it will be impossible to do anything – neither sow nor harvest. When you see this state of affairs, the question arises: what do you lack? Equipment, seeds, fertilizers and everything necessary is purchased, and this is supported by the state, there is a workforce,” Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov asked the head of the region , Nazarmyrat Nazarmyradov.


He noted that  crops should be planted at the right time, in accordance with the soil and weather conditions of the velayat . It should be recalled that the dates for sowing wheat and cotton, as well as harvesting in Turkmenistan  , are announced by the President  and, as the farmers of the Chronicle of Turkmenistan have repeatedly said, weather and other conditions are not taken into account.


The ex-president noted that “the state creates all conditions for stimulating small and medium-sized businesses engaged in agriculture, creating a land cadastre in the velayats, but all the measures taken in the region are ineffective.” He repeated again that “when the land cadastre is compiled and the real owner of the land is found, then there will be no above disadvantages.”


According to the ex-president, not only agriculture was left without attention in the region, but also the overhaul of internal roads, bridges, electrical systems, schools, kindergartens, libraries and houses of culture . “ There is no need to analyze the indicators of all industries, in any of them the mistakes made are obvious ,” he stressed.


The Chairman of the Halk Maslakhaty noted that the Hyakim should solve all these problems. “You can’t do one thing and ignore the other, you should have time to do everything,” he said and expressed dissatisfaction with the work of Nazarmyradov and ordered him to “start working differently” and since now there are more people giving orders, he noted the importance of reducing their number.


The ex-president instructed to carry out reforms in the administration of the velayat. “There must be a leader whose work will meet the requirements of today, and those who fail to do so must get out of our way ,” he said.


Addressing the head of the Lebap velayat, Shokhrat Amangeldiyev , Berdimuhamedov asked why the region is not meeting cotton harvesting targets, if “the people are the same, the weather is good, there are enough cotton harvesters and other necessary equipment, and the purchase price of cotton is beneficial for farmers.”


“Water supply is poorly established in the velayat. Being located next to the river, it is impossible to believe in the lack of water . We need to make full use of the available technology. Gutters must be cleared and new ones dug. This problem should be solved completely. In water supply, it is necessary to continue to introduce new water-saving technologies,” said the chairman of the Halk Maslakhaty.


He also noted that “in the future, all agricultural land should be transferred to farmers who strictly observe agrotechnical rules and know how to carry out crop rotation.”


Based on the analysis of the work of the administration of the Mary velayat , the ex-president called the leaders of the region “slow and irresponsible.”


According to Berdimuhamedov, despite the state’s creation of conditions for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry, the velayat is not distinguished by achievements this year. Also, despite the availability of equipment, the channels of the drains are covered with earth and in the thickets of reeds.


He threatened the Hyakim of the velayat Dovranberdi Annaberdiyev with dismissal if he did not correct the situation.


“Administrative reforms should be carried out in the Mary velayat. The requirement is the same for all hyakims and leaders,” the ex-president added.


Concluding the meeting, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov placed all responsibility for ensuring the prosperous life of the population on the leaders of the regions and once again repeated the idea of ​​the excessive administrative apparatus of the velayats.


“The reason why there is not even the slightest shift in this work is the excessive number of managers and, as a result, the number of bosses prevails over the number of employees. It is necessary  to reform the activities of khyakimliks,  to minimize the number of heads . Farmers and shepherds should be given the opportunity to work independently,” summed up the ex-president.



Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan