Third issue of Turkmenistan Sport International Magazine appears in print

The articles about the celebration of the 31st anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan are published on the first pages of the specialised edition.


The year 2022 is rich in sports competitions, in which Turkmen athletes have performed. The article Awarding the winners in Avaza is about the ceremony honouring Turkmen athletes.


In the article Happiness of Medals, a regular author of magazine, Honoured Coach of Turkmenistan Sergey Epifanov shares his thoughts on the personality traits athletes need to develop to succeed in their sport.


The article History of sports media tells readers about the first sports media in the world and in Turkmenistan.


Certainly, the article An Ahalteke horse as a gift to the royal family by a student of Ogukhan Engineering and Technology University Atageldy Muradov will be of particular interest for readers.


Three major sporting events marked the 1930s in Turkmenistan – the famous Ashgabat-Moscow horse race in 1935, the Ashgabat-Moscow bike ride and the 1936 taymun crossing on the Krasnovodsk-Moscow route. The article Sporting feat of Turkmen fishermen tells is the participants in the heroic crossing.


The less time is left until the World Cup final in Qatar, the more interest it arouses. A 10th former from school 86 in Ashgabat Emir Karajaev discussed and analysed the favourites to win the World Cup.


This issue presents other interesting and informative materials from all over the world of European, world and domestic sports.





Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper