This year Turkmenistan has reduced the import of vegetables from Turkey by 40%. Ashgabat is again experiencing a shortage of groceries

The information agency “Trend” with reference to Turkey’s Ministry of Trade reports that in January 2020 Turkmenistan reduced the import of Turkish fruit and vegetables by almost 40%.

In the first month of 2020 Turkey exported vegetables and fruit for the amount of $981, 360, which is by 39,04% less than in January 2019.

Moreover, in late February due to the spread of coronavirus Turkmenistan closed the border with Iran which exported a considerable quantity of groceries. This led to a rapid price hike for potatoes, onions and other vegetables and fruit.

A week later, after Turkmenistan had started purchasing potatoes from Russia, the prices for them again dropped down. However, according to the news outlet Turkmen news, the majority of potatoes which are being sold is rotten and cannot be used.

In the meantime, according to correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”, prices for groceries, fruit and vegetables in particular, is again seeing a price hike. The price for a kilo of bananas tripled from 14-16 to 44 manats, whereas the price for tangerines increased from 12-13 to 28 manats. Prices for a 500 gram pack of local sausages went up from 21 to 25 manats whereas the price for imported cheese gouda increased from 75 to 90 manats per kilo.

Radio “Azatlyk” reports huge queues lining up in state-run stores and a shortage of sugar, vegetable oil and chicken drumsticks. According to the radio, these groceries are supplied to the stored in limited quantity and customers are often urged to buy other food products together with groceries in short supply.

“If you want to buy a kilo of sugar, two chicken drumsticks or a liter of oil, you have to purchase half a kilo of peas, which costs 5 manats”, – one of “Azatlyk” correspondents was quoted as saying.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan