Those traveling to Turkey are required to find a guarantor and not participate in protests

In September 2022, at the request of the Turkmen side, Turkey introduced visas for citizens of Turkmenistan.

On March 2 this year, during the consideration of the report of Turkmenistan on the situation with human rights in the country, the expert of the UN Committee asked the Turkmen side to comment on the introduction of visas, which restricts the right of citizens to travel. This is the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, Vepa Khadzhiev , who said that “visas do not restrict movement in any way, but, on the contrary, increase the security of Turkmen citizens leaving the country.”

However, Turkmenis say that the rules for obtaining Turkish visas have only become tougher since they were introduced. Bloggers Atamurad Saparov and Alisher Sakhatov told bloggers Atamurad Saparov and Alisher Sakhatov about their experience of obtaining permission to enter Turkey, a citizen of Turkmenistan who introduced himself as Gadam and left for Turkey at the end of February. A brief translation of his story is published on the website of the Turkmen Helsinki Foundation.

According to him, those wishing to leave must find a guarantor - a civil servant who can guarantee that the person will return. The guarantor himself must have an income of at least 2,000 manats. As confirmation of earnings, you must provide a relevant certificate from the accounting department from the place of work.

The guarantor writes a receipt stating that the traveler will return to their homeland on time. This document is then certified by a notary. If the migrant decides to stay illegally in Turkey, the guarantor may lose his job.

According to the THF, the law of Turkmenistan "On migration" does not mention the need to obtain a letter of guarantee.

According to Gadam, after receiving a Turkish visa, he was called to the police, where he was forced to write a receipt stating that he would not participate in protests, political discussions on the Internet, comment and like videos criticizing the government.

Recall that Ashgabat asked Ankara to introduce visas after a series of protest actions organized by Turkmen opposition activists in Turkey .

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan