Those who passed away in 2016

The New Year is approaching. Yet, before celebrating, let us remember the distinguished sons of the Turkmen people who the country lost in the past year.

In March, Rozynazar Khudaiberdyev, radio host of the Turkmen Service of Radio Liberty/ Radio Free Europe passed away. He had dedicated 17 years of his life to this radio station.

Last August the body of Vekil Durdyev, an officer, diplomat and a political prisoner, was handed over to his relatives. He was convicted for being involved in the alleged assassination attempt against President S. Niyazov and had spent the previous 14 years in prisons.

Shirali Nurmuradov, a renowned poet and dissident, who had spent over 20 years in exile, died In October.

In December, Shokhrat Kadyrov, a prominent Turkmen historian, cultural studies scholar, Doctor of Historical Sciences and a professor, passed away in December.

These are not the people that the incumbent leaders of the country will grieve over. Yet, the people will remember them.

Needless to say, we cannot but mention the most senior reader of our website and active commentator from Germany, Mayer Galzermann, who lived in Turkmenistan and held various high ranking positions in the country. He passed away in early January at the age of 94. Below are M. Galzermann's greetings to all of us which he left in his last comment:

One day better times will come and the sun will be shining on our street when we welcome positive and cordial changes in the lives of our people. I believe in this and I am strongly convinced of this. I will not be able to see it first hand as I feel that I am losing vitality and energy and I anticipate my passing. This is the second day that I am staying in the clinic. I have lived a very complicated and hard life. Yet, I want to wish you, my people, happiness, love, joy, miracles, peace and harmony and hope all your dreams come true. I wish you good health, success and all the best to all.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan