To avoid intermediaries, the Russian Embassy in Turkmenistan introduces online registration for export flights

Due to the large number of requests regarding the submission of documents for charter flights organized by the Russian Embassy in Turkmenistan, an additional function is introduced on the website for the service "Submission of documents for a charter flight to Russia" in test mode - "waiting list ". This was reported on the website of the diplomatic mission.

From December 4, all applicants will have to sign up on the specified "waiting list" for the subsequent automatic appointment of the date and time of admission. Only one record is available for each visitor, duplicate applications will be automatically deleted by the system.

The consular department explains that this is done so that people sign up for free and without intermediaries.

The Embassy has been organizing export flights since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic - from March 2020. On November 26, the 28th flight departed for Russia . On average, there are two or three flights a month on the Turkmenabat-Moscow route.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan