To improve the reliability of power supply

The construction of a new electrical substation is being carried out these days in the northern region of the country by specialists from the Daşoguzenergogurluşyk enterprise of the Türkmenergogurluşyk concern of the Ministry of Energy of the country. This facility is being built as part of the Balkan-Dashoguz overhead power transmission line construction project, which will eventually form a single energy ring in the country.


Now work is underway to lay the foundation of a new substation designed to receive, convert and distribute electrical energy generated by a large state-owned power plant located in the city of Dashoguz. It will include electrical energy converters, control devices, distribution and auxiliary devices. During the construction of the facility, due attention is paid to the quality of construction work and compliance with environmental standards.


At the same time, the company’s specialists continue to actively participate in other areas of a large-scale project, the main goal of which is to consistently increase the volume of electricity production, improve the reliability of energy supply to domestic consumers and increase the country’s export potential.


The area of responsibility of the enterprise is one hundred kilometers of the route of the new power transmission line Balkan-Dashoguz with a capacity of 500 kilovolts, where the team continues these days to install metal supports of the overhead power line, which are the main structural element of the integral system of high-voltage lines. To date, they have installed over two hundred supports of various heights here. To carry out complex work in the difficult weather and climatic conditions of the northern region, in addition to high professional qualities, the availability and effective use of a developed fleet of specialized machinery and other equipment also helps specialists. It should be noted that only last year new powerful truck cranes, loaders, high-capacity vehicles and others arrived here.




Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper