To preserve the harvest

The first in the region private modern refrigerating warehouse for the storage of agricultural products was built in Dashoguz velayat. It was erected by a member of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists of Turkmenistan from the Dashoguz velayat Sarybay Khanbaev.

The total area of the new building located on the territory of the Wasabad geneshlik of the Ruhubelent etrap is 1.6 hectares of land. It will use advanced technologies that allow storing various agricultural products for a long time and without loss of quality and is designed for a one-time storage of 350 tons of vegetables and fruits. The refrigerated warehouse consists of several chambers of various capacities, in which specialized equipment automatically provides optimal conditions for keeping products in a perfectly fresh state and preventing their spoilage.

After solving some organizational issues and concluding contracts with interested manufacturers, the warehouse will be ready for full operation.

In the Dashoguz velayat this year, the production of many types of agricultural crops, including potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, cabbage and other vegetables has sharply increased, the production of fruits and melons is increasing every year.

Taking into account the fact that in the agrarian sector of the region, thanks to special land funds for agricultural purposes, the number of private producers is also consistently growing, and the need for specialized production facilities for storing and processing the grown crops also increases accordingly.

The construction of warehouses-refrigerators of various accessories will not only ensure the safety of crops harvested from the fields, but will also allow year-round and uninterrupted supply of fresh fruits and vegetables to the consumer market, and therefore maintain their affordability for the population.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper