To preserve the species composition of the ichthyofauna

In the north of the country, a lot of work is being consistently carried out to preserve and increase the biological diversity of the ichthyofauna. Specialists of the individual enterprise “Ak Durna” also make their feasible contribution to it. This is facilitated by the presence and successful operation of its own pond farm, which is capable of producing 40-50 tons of fish per year. There are five modern incubators, laboratories equipped with specialized equipment, eight pools, the choice of fish species in which the depth, water characteristics and local climate predetermined. For growing fry of fish of the cyprinid family, an environment has been created that maximally corresponds to the natural conditions of development. Every year, tons of fish fry grown here are released into various reservoirs, thereby replenishing the fish stocks of the region.


So this autumn, about eleven tons of fry of some freshwater fish species were released into the natural habitat. Stocks of reservoirs located on the territory of Dashoguz velayat were replenished with juveniles of carp, silver carp and grass carp.


Ak Durna, an individual enterprise specializing in commercial fishing and fish breeding, enlarged its structure after several years ago it privatized the former state-owned enterprise Dashoguzbalyk on a tender basis. In addition to raising fish, it is engaged in industrial fishing, including its own pond farm.



Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper