Turkey stew – a new product of “Maksada okgunly”

The «Maksada okgunly» turkey breeding complex was the first to master the production of canned turkey meat. A plant with a capacity of up to 500 tons of products per year has been launched in the Gokdepe etrap of the Ahal velayat. The automated line currently produces three types of canned turkey meat. This is a universal product that is prepared from various parts of poultry meat - thigh fillet, breast, bones - without flavor enhancers, emulsifiers and other artificial additives.

Such canned food - premium - have a long shelf life and are suitable for use both cold and heated. Cooked canned food is produced in glass containers, which were made at the «Turkmen ayna onumleri» enterprise.

The head of the complex, Maksat Ibragimov, plans to expand the range of canned poultry meat, which is very nutritious and dietary at the same time, by producing new types of long-term storage products. In particular, the new plant will master the recipe for the production of baby and hypoallergenic food and turkey meat pate, it is also planned to produce canned sausages, ham and other delicacies.

The Gokdepe complex was the first in the country to organize the import of turkey eggs and is now the leader in poultry breeding and the first enterprise in Turkmenistan to organize the industrial processing of turkey meat.

At one time, the business project proposed by Maksat Ibragimov was included in the list of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, which selected promising companies to provide soft loans for the development of production and sites for the construction of an enterprise.

With funds provided by the state, workshops were built and four innovative Belgian-made hatcheries were purchased, which allow raising 730,000 turkey poults per year. In addition, the entrepreneurs built 22 high-tech poultry houses equipped with equipment from Germany. Equipment for the slaughterhouse was supplied by manufacturers from France and Belgium, Poland and Italy. With the help of special equipment from Australia, deep processing of turkey meat is carried out here, and the product is packaged according to German technology, which allows it to be kept chilled for 10-15 days,

Thanks to the use of advanced European technologies, the poultry complex can produce 11,000 tons of turkey meat per year. The factory also prepares its own special feed for turkeys.

Currently, the production of poultry meat is gaining more and more sympathy, both from farmers and from owners of small private farms. The «Maksada okgunly» turkey breeding complex not only offers businesses the opportunity to take advantage of advanced technologies, but also contributes to the cultivation of organic poultry in the country's farms. The company's specialists have developed a system for training poultry farmers. Possessing hatcheries and hatchers, the farm transfers chickens adapted to our breeding conditions to agricultural producers, which contributes to the successful rearing of the poultry flock. The availability and efficiency of the technology adapted to the conditions of Turkmenistan, which has a wide range of advantages, low investment and high profitability, have already convinced the farmers of the Ahal Mary, Lebap and Dashoguz velayats.

The seasonal poultry houses they created make it possible to keep turkeys on vast pastures, on field crops and grow a highly productive flock on natural feed and produce dietary meat that combines high nutritional value and low calorie content (which is not found in any other meat).

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper