Turkmen ?Alhle expands the variety of commodities from local polymers

Turkmen sAlhle Company, the biggest manufacturer of plastic items in the country, is planning to expand the line of production. Technical and technological base of the facility was supplemented with two new moulding units, which would increase the production of disposable plastic items for packing of food like cakes, ice-cream, cookies, mayonnaise twice already in May. Famous in the country manufacturers of food like Kenek, Nur and Elin ordered this production.

Production of Styrofoam polyethylene substrate under laminate will be produced at the facility for the first time in the country. extruder with output capacity of 10 tons of production per day, designated for production of polyethylene film with 2 � 10 meters width and 150 � 300 microns thickness, is installed in new workshop. The material will be used for construction of hothouses.

At the same time, the shop for entire variety of plastic production of Turkmen sAlhle is under construction at the territory of the plant. By the way, the facility processes more than 300 tons of local raw material and produce more than 100 types of plastic goods lie children toys, household items, packing materials, bags and many other every month. The production of the company is widely represented in specialized shop all over the country and is bought by more than 10 local companies.

Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex as well as polymeric plant in Kiaynly are the main suppliers of quality raw material. 1,000 tons of high-density polyethylene and polypropylene have been bought from them, which allowed organizing the work of the facilities and develop the production of new items including export oriented ones.

The company actively involved in promoting of its production to foreign market. Supplies to Afghanistan, Belarus, Uzbekistan and other countries have been arranged.

Plastic market is actively developed. In addition to Turkmen sAlhle, Derya PLastc, Ak Gap, uly Chynar, Bir Dunya, Saka, Baky Bina business entities, Layalezar Zaman, Tamiz Gap, Sazlashykly Osush individual enterprises work successfully in this sphere. According to the UIET, around 2,000 people work at the private facilities producing polymeric items.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper