Turkmen and Turkish activists held a joint press conference in Turkey and filed a lawsuit against Turkmen officials

On June 20, a press conference was held in Istanbul with the participation of Turkmen and Turkish activists, human rights activists, lawyers and journalists . the Turkmen Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (THF)

The host of the conference, lawyer G├╝lden Sonmez, spoke about the increasing flow of complaints from migrants from Turkmenistan who are facing insurmountable problems due to the policies pursued by the leadership of this country and called for attention to the humanitarian crisis, while Turkmen activists reported on the problems of migrants and persecution by the authorities of Turkmenistan.

As a result of the conference, eight human rights organizations signed a statement calling on the Turkish authorities to take into account the facts of violations of the rights of Turkmen citizens and refuse Turkmenistan's demands for their extradition.

The human rights activists called on the authorities of Turkmenistan to "show political will and do everything necessary to improve the situation with human rights and end the humanitarian crisis."

The next day, June 21, Turkmen activists filed a lawsuit with the Turkish Chief Prosecutor's Office against eight current and former high-ranking officials of Turkmenistan and held a rally in front of the Istanbul courthouse and gave interviews to journalists.

According to the THF, the lawyers and applicants issued a statement describing the persecution of Turkmen citizens by Turkmen law enforcement agencies for criticizing the authorities.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan