Turkmen archaeologists find hoard of medieval silver coins

Workers of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve Abiverd have found a hoard of silver coins while cleaning the floor in the Mausoleum of the Sufi Sheikh Abu Said Abul Khair, located 200 kilometers east of Ashgabat.

After cleaning the coins in the laboratory, experts were able to establish that they were silver dirhams of various minting. There were found 91 coins in total. Of them, 47 have an inscription with the name of AbagaKhan, who ruled the state of the Ilkhanids in 12651282. The remaining 36 coins feature the name of Argun. At that time, this name was associated with two historical figures Argun Khan, who ruled the Ilkhanid state in 12841291 and Argun Shah, who ruled Khorasan from Merv.

Another 8 dirhams also belong to the state of the Ilkhanids, yet the name of the ruler cannot be read due to the poor condition of coins. Following the careful study of the hoard, the coins will be donated to the historical museums of Turkmenistan.

Source: Turkmenistan.ru