Turkmen border guards manufacture medicines according to the President’s book

During the field workshop at the facilities of the Economic Department under the Ministry of the Interior, the security officials reported to the President on the manufacture of medicines.

According to the state information agency TDH , the head of the State Border Service, Shadurdy Durdyyev, reported to the head of state that medicines produced in the herbs growing in the border areas based on the techniques described in the presidential bookMedicinal Plants of Turkmenistan.

It is noted that they are made on a natural basis.

The publication Medicinal Plants of Turkmenistan includes 9 volumes. The first volume of the fundamental scientific work was written in 2009, the last in 2017. It describes the healing properties of 109 representatives of the Turkmen flora. The book introduces readers to the habitat of their growth, external signs, vegetation conditions, biological features, chemical composition, natural resources of species and methods of application.

According to the official media of the country, the collection is of great interest among foreign experts, "because on its pages you can find a detailed description of the healing properties of plants, methods of their use in scientific and traditional medicine."

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan