Turkmen carpets are the exhibits of international exhibition Carpet & Art Oasis

National carpet art was presented at the 24th international exhibition Carpet & Art Oasis in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The review brought together biggest producers of handmade carpets, which presented more than 15,000 fine and rare items. Carpets of Turkmenhaly production Association of the Ministry of Textile Industry were the adornment of the exposition of Turkmenistan.

Handmade production of carpets in Turkmenistan has retained its identity mainly to the fact that its secrets were carefully passed from generation to generation as precious heirloom. The dynasties of carpet makers with many talented youth are famous in Turkmenistan today. This is indicated by handmade carpets and carpet items of more than 200 square meters presented at profile exhibition.

Turkmenhaly Production Association is comprised on 8 facilities of art carpet production where 4,000 women work. It is planned to open other five carpet facilities in the capital and velayats of the country, which will create hundreds of new working places.

The participation in prestigious exhibition in UAE supports wide popularization fo unique national applied art of Turkmens.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH