Turkmen citizen stranded in Istanbul asks Turkish President to help her return to her homeland

"Chronicles of Turkmenistan" has repeatedly reported on the citizens of Turkmenistan who cannot return to their homeland from Turkey and are forced to live at the Istanbul airport.

Last week, journalists from the Turkish publication SonDakika met with Turkmen citizens wishing to return to their homeland at the Istanbul airport .

People said that in the hope of buying tickets and flying home, they live for months at the airport; while the Turkmen diplomats do not give them any help.

According to Gulbahar Ernazarova , a citizen of Turkmenistan, who has been living at the airport for three months now, at the official cost of a plane ticket of $300, consular officials demand to pay them $2,000.

Gulsar Seitiyeva , who graduated from Turkey , has not been able to return home for two years. Taking the opportunity, she turned to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for assistance.

– We spent a long time at the consulate building, even spent the night nearby, trying to get help and support from diplomats. But no one pays attention to us. The slogan "The State for the People" does not work for us, so I ask for assistance from the President of Turkey. Help us, as a representative of the brotherly people! she asked.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan