Turkmen exposition of the EXPO 2017 presents scientific developments in energy sphere

National exhibition hall is one of the largest at the EXPO 2017. Its designed is styled under national ornament with easy-to-recognize carpet patterns, which became brand logo of teukmen cultural heritage.

Owing to modern digital technologies and multimedia equipment, special information booths with sensor displays, the visitors are able to get visual image and detailed information on Turkmenistan, versatile economic and cultural potential, priorities and perspectives of the development of our country.

The introduction section has large monitor in the shape of octagon star demonstrating the video on the way made by Turkmenistan for the moment of gaining the independence and achievements for all these years.

The centre of the exposition is occupied by scientific developments, innovative projects, which were and are still implemented in energy including in renewable sources of energy sphere, the model of combined steam and gas power station, which is currently under construction in Mary Power Plant, is located there.

There is energy map of the country next to it, which demonstrates circular energy system of the country, main power lines, routes of existing and planned gas pipelines. Next monitors show the images of our power stations and city views. There are also touchscreen booths with electronic reference books in three languages.

After, the models of the complex of energy facilities opened last year under the project on improvement of reliability of electrical supply of Turkmen capital go. It included dozens of modern 220, 110, 35 and 10 KV transformer substations and Paytagt dispatch centre controlling entire energy system of Ashgabat. The stand also give brief description of General Electric gas turbines used at Turkmen power stations.

The senior of the branch is the Hinduskush Power Station built in 1913 on Murgab River. Despite more than the century period, it is still in good condition and continues working while being original museum of electrical energy sphere. There are 3 hydro turbines with total output of 1.2 Mega Watt.

It is worth mentioning that Turkmenistan has the richest resources of the energy and production of the energy is traditionally considered as one of the profitable sphere in the world. following this, the volumes of investments to this perspective branch is constantly growing. Today, Turkmen energy industry demonstrates dynamic rates of development and is able to increase the export of energy demanded in the world’s markets.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper