Turkmen horse riders are the triumphant of international circus festilval

Turkmen horse riders won the main prize of I International festival of circus art On Fonatanka in Saint Petersburg � Gold Gaetano. This triumph of united team of the members of national equestrian games group Galkynysh of Ahalteke Equestrian Complex of the President of Turkmenistan of the State Association Turkmenatlary and Turkmen Horse Riders Group of the State Circus of Turkmenistan again raised the rush of national pride for our compatriots.

Owing to the efforts of the Head of the State, Turkmenistan becomes international horse breeding centre and our horses and riders become the winners of largest reviews, prestigious equestrian competitions and riding tournaments held overseas. Our horse riders performed in Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, China and other countries and every time had great success.

It was the same in Saint Petersburg where International festival that brought together the artists from Belgium, Germany, China, Korea, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kenia, Ukraine and other countries was held on May 24 � 27.

Turkmen horse riders again conquered the public and jury by breath-taking equestrian performance with acrobatic and gymnastic tricks, fancy riding and stunting.

Public processions, celebration events and music performances met the members of Galkynysh and Turkmen Riders groups who came back home from the Russian Federation and who received greeting message from Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

In the morning, thousands of Ashgabat citizens gathered along the road from the capital's airport greeting the winners of International circus festival who riding the horse and followed by the participants of the event moved toward the State circus by the avenues of the capital.

Celebration atmosphere was given to the participants by numerous musicians; sounds of national musical instruments, songs and greeting were everywhere � everything was just like Turkmen celebration.

After some time, the procession stopped at the square in front of the Circus where it was met by dance ensembles with celebration choreographic composition.

The celebration continued in the circus on its arena. Congratulation message of the President of the country addressed to the Galkynysh Equestrian Games group f Ahalteke Equestrian Complex and Turkmen riders of the State Circus of Turkmenistan who achieved another success was read out before the performance.

The concert of popular singers, dance ensembles and folk bands honoured the heroes of the event. Acrobatic, clown and other shows were also included to the programme.

Certainly, the horse riders performances also took place. Their numbers always give bright expression and original national colours to circus and celebration performances.

Legendary sky horses are the decoration of national events in our country. Spectators are always charmed with the beauty and swiftness of indeed royal horses and slashing of Turkmen riders who make complicated tricks riding at full speed. The riders demonstrate excellent skills of equestrian fancy riding and stunting art.

The events were continued by music compositions. Rich programme included choreographic plays on folklore motifs, national tunes and modern popular compositions.

Equestrian sport is one of the oldest on the planet. One can say that it started developing from the moment of the first tamed horse and first rider. As scientists say, it happened here, in the mountain valley of Ahal, which gave the name to this breed of horses. Of course, we are not talking about the competitions in those days � the horse helped the human to survive, fight for freedom, develop new lands and build the cities. However, celebration equestrian competitions gradually entered the life of Turkmen people.

For the centuries, the fame of ahalteke horses went beyond native lands and spread around the whole world. It did not fade in our days but grow every year owing to the efforts of the Head of the State who brought it up to new level.

Speaking of honouring of the horse in our country, we cannot help mentioning of the sculptures of ahalteke horses placed in the capital and velayats. Deep and polysemous meaning lays within artistic embodiment of numerous images of the horses � strong, proud, forceful or young and cheerful. These are the succession of the generations, connection between the past, present and future, harmony of traditions and new changes, practices and cherished dreams. These are the continuation of the best lines in ahalteke horse breeding, rich pedigree of the most outstanding representatives of the breed. In general, the horse always symbolized bravery, loyalty, speed, power and endurance in the art and heraldic what is reflected in sculptural compositions.

National circus art is developed with the support of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. After many year, the State Circus of Turkmenistan rived its work in April 2010. Comprehensive reconstruction of the building and provision with modern equipment made the conditions for technically more difficult performances.

Before that in 2007, National Equestrian Games Group Galkynysh was founded by the initiative of the Head of the State. In the same year, new group visited Ukraine together with Turkmen delegation. Our riders successfully performed in friendly country and gave the start to glorious biography of the group.

It is worth reminding that the President granted 50,000 UD dollars to the State Circus in 2012 for the development of national circus art. Turkmen leader also awarded his prizes for the victory at the races among master jockeys for further development of equestrian branch of Turkmenistan, increment of the livestock of ahalteke horses in the country and consolidation of equipment and facilities base of this sphere.

Galkynysh and Turkmen Riders Equestrian Games Groups, which are known far beyond home country, actively popularize the heritage of Turkmen nation in the world. Their performances at public events dedicated to important dates give expressiveness and emotional richness to nation celebrations and highlight again that significant place that the horse occupies in the state and social life.

Skills, brilliance and coordination of the movements of the riders wonderfully harmonize with the beauty of ahalteke horses and leave unforgettable impressions of the public. Grace and swiftness of the horses, stunt and courage of the riders make unique combination of nature and unlimited human abilities. Constant and big work over themselves as well as the support of the Head of the State who not just gave few horses to them but also takes true care of them and of the creation of all conditions for better achievements of our riders allow the members of the group to open new levels of talent and skills pleasing the public by unbelievable stunts.

In the last several years, they have participated in the number of prestigious international contests and won many awards, having received high appraisal of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and won the love of Turkmen citizens.

Galkynysh Group continues conquering the most demanding foreign public, which is indicated by its outstanding tours as well as the triumph at the World Festival of Circus Art in Moscow (Russian Federation) in October 2013. It is worth reminding that being the debutants of this prestigious review, our skilful riders was also awarded with the main prize and many other awards from the experts of circus art, press and public. After this impressive victory, Turkmen artists received plenty of invitations to famous international contests.

We are proud that at this festival, Turkmen riders were recognized as the world celebrities as they were awarded with almost all prizes in all nominations under the storm of applauses of the participants of the final ceremony. They received the main prize of professional jury � Golden Idol Cup, special prize of International circus festival in Monte Carlo � the invitation to the 15th festival in Monte Carlo, special prize and diploma for performance skills from the Centre of Circus Art in Verona (Italy), Bronze Arena Cup from the Jury of international journalists.

XVI international Festival of Circus Art in Italian Latina in October 2014 brought another bright victory. At this festival, our riders won the main prize of the contest � Golden Cup, as well as other prizes and diploma of Ahalteke Equestrian Association of Italy.

2015 was not an exclusion. Advising the members of Galkynysh group back then before they left for another International Circus Art Festival in China that time, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov expressed the confidence that Turkmen riders would deservingly represent our country and its heritage � Ahalteke horses, in China and that the State Flag if Turkmenistan would be hoisted again as the flag of the winner country.

Indeed, the riders of National Equestrian Games Group Galkynysh were the best among 32 famous circus groups from 22 countries and were awarded with Golden Cup in Zhuhai, Guandong Province.

Members of competent jury mentioned with delight that spectacular and captivating performances of Turkmen riders at every round of 10-day festival won the attention of the public from the first seconds on arena. Beautiful gracious ahalteke horses, bright costumes of the artists, clarity of sharp movements of the riders, unbelievable speed of the horses, high emotional energy while performing complicated stunts, all of these charmed the public.

Therefore, victorious march of the Galkynysh National Equestrian Games Group continued around the planet. They were met from China with big celebrations; numerous citizens of the capital went out to the streets to greet the hroes.

50,000 US dollars prize was presented on behalf of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for another victory at International Festival of Circus Art during official award ceremony.

Such high appraisal inspired the riders who started to improve their skills with greater passion. In September 2016, at the World Nomads Games in Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyz Republic, Turkmen horse riders were the winners again and won the main prize. The State Flag of Turkmenistan was hoisted again and all Turkmen citizens shared the joy of success with Galkynysh Group.

In a word, Turkmen riders took over all their opponents and conquered the guests of amazing celebration by their skills to sit in the saddle as well as by national colours. At the same time, as is known, the group consist of not only men but girls as well who do not yield them in courage and skills.

Successful performance of our riders is the result of hard daily training of the artists with excellent and sport ahalteke horses. The members of the group highlight that the main thing is to find the language with the horses and everything would be good then.

Recently, during National Turkmen Horse Celebration, Turkmen leader was presented with Ak Yol horse, riding which the Head of the State demonstrated outstanding jockey's skills. Having jumped on the horse, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov tries it in different exercises - trot, pace, gallop, race. Responding the commands immediately, the horse performed the elements of dressage giving opportunity to the spectators to enjoy its grace, forms, fluency and sharpness of the moves. It looked effective when it performed some kind of dance with bouncy elegant pace under the sounds of Turkmen favourite kushtdepdy dance.

The Head of the State presented this beautiful horse to Galkynysh Group as well and its jockeys and coaches trained it to perform on arena.

It is worth mentioning that its name Ak Yol (White way) harmonizes with the spirit of our country and slogan of 2018 Turkmenistan is the Heart of the Great Silk Road.

Having taking part in its first International Festival of Circus Art in Saint Petersburg, Ak Yol started its way of great victories.

So, the group of horse riders from Turkmenistan received the main prize of the festival � Golden Gaetano.

Group Great Girls of Diabolo from the People's Republic of China and Acrobats on the swings with chinning bar from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea also received the same prizes.

It is remarkable that the prize itself imaging the reared horse and trainer was called after Gaetano Ciniselli, the Italian circus horse rider and the founder of the first circus in Saint Petersburg.

It was the time when various equestrian performances had big success of Petersburg's public and Turkmen riders deservingly continued this glorious tradition, for which they were rewarded with the main prize of the festival.

Today's triumph of our riders is visual result of the efforts of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on the development of ahalteke horse breeding in the country and on the activation of international cooperation in this field.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper