Turkmen karatekas’ success in the Prague tournament

Turkmen athletes successfully performed at the international tournament in traditional karate in Prague (the Czech Republic). About 500 athletes from different countries took part in the competitions of the masters of oriental martial art. Awards were competed in several disciplines, individual and team fights, kata (complex exercises) and Enbu (show fights).

Three gold medals were awarded to student of the National Institute of Sports and Tourism Rovshen Hudayberenov. In his victories in team event he was supported by Begmyrat Jepbarov and Gurbanmyrat Gylyjov (command kata Dovlet Berdiyev and Babahan Dadebaev), as well as in individual kata.

Another gold medal was won by Diyar Hojaev, who performed in individual fights in the age group of over 21 years. This talented sportsman had scored a lot of victories, including the gold medal of the Open Cup of Russia-2015, where our compatriot set a new world record in the nomination The fastest victory, having taken it in only 7 seconds.

The fifth gold medal of our team was won by Abdylla Tayhanov, who was out of competition in individual matches among participants of 16-17 years of age.

Silver awards were presented to Gurbanmyrat Gylyjov (individual kata) and Dovlet Berdiev (individual fights). In addition, the Turkmen athletes took the second place by the results of the competitions in Enbu competitions (D. Berdiev and D. Dadebaev).

Bronze medals were taken in team fights by D.Begliev, B.Dadebaev and G.Hojaev), and in individual fights by B.Japbarov and B.Dadebaev, as well as in two types of individual kata by D.Berdiyev.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper