Turkmen leader approve proposals on joining of the country to number of international conventions

During the session of the Government, Vice-premier, Head of the Foreign Ministry of Turkmenistan Rashid Meredov presented proposals on joining of international conventions and multilateral documents in different directions in 2020 to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for review.

This is the United Nations Convention on international world agreements, which are instruments of support of international trade and encouragement of mediation as alternative and effective method of settling of trade disputes in the economic sphere.

In transport sphere, this is European Treaty on International Motor Roads, which provides establishment of international road system in the region where the UN European Economic Commission is carried out its activity.

In environment protection sphere, this is Stockholm Convention on stable organic pollutant, which provides cessation of use of stable toxic substances � organic pesticides. This is also the Kigali Amendment of the Montreal Protocol on Substances Depleting Ozone Layer, which is aimed at gradual reduction of production and use of substances that harm environment.

In cultural and humanitarian sphere, this is the Convention of protection and encouragement of variety of forms of cultural self-expression, which is to create conditions for free collaboration of various cultures and improvement of international cooperation in this direction.

In intellectual direction, this is the Agreement on patent law, which provides improvement of process of review of national patent appeals and patents.

Having approved presented proposals of joining of Turkmenistan to international conventions and other acts this year, the Head of the State requested the Vice-premier, the Foreign Minister to carry out relative work in this direction.

At present time, our country is a member of 152 multilateral international documents. It includes 133 Conventions adopted by the UN and its specialized agencies.

It was mentioned that pursuing the policy of neutrality, our country takes an active part in solution of the issues of international development. Turkmenistan makes constructive initiatives on the subjects of global agenda, especially in such actual directions as politics and diplomacy, provision of peace, security and stability, achievement of the SDGs, establishment of actual mechanisms of regional and global energy security, formation of the system of sustainable transport, promotion of economic, humanitarian an ecological projects.

For the past period, the United Nations General Assembly has adopted more than dozen of Resolutions on this subjects by the initiatives of Turkmenistan. According to proposal of our country, 2021 was declared as International Year of Peace and Trust by the special Resolution of the UN General Assembly.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH