Turkmen Leader highlights the importance of Caspian region in activation of international cooperation

Azerbaijan is our main neighbour in the Caspian Sea, the President of Turkmenistan has said at the talks with President Ilham Aliyev today.

Our cooperation, both in bilateral and multilateral formats, is an important factor of making Caspian Sea as a place of peace, friendship, concordance and beneficial partnership, Turkmen leader noted, having added that joint work on the Convention on the Status of the Caspian Sea is coming to the end.

During III Summit of the Caspian States in Baku in November 2010, Turkmenistan proposed to develop the Agreement on Protection and Rational Use of Water and Biological Resources of the Caspian Sea. Our country expresses firm confidence that solution of the issues of protection of biological resources has to be systematically implemented in new detailed legal order.

At the same time in Baku, Turkmenistan initiated the project of another important document the Agreement on Cooperation in prevention and response of emergency situation in the Caspian Sea.

We follow the facts that Caspian Sea is a zone of increased risks of natural and anthropogenic character, which threaten the ecosystem of the sea. Hence, the establishment of efficient comprehensive mechanisms of cooperation in prevention and response of emergency situations has an utmost importance, the President of Turkmenistan has said and expressed his gratitude to Ilham Aliyev for active support of these proposals by Azerbaijan.

The importance of the Caspian Sea in the context of the development of international economic relations was also noted during the negotiations. It was mentioned that Turkmenistan made the proposal on development of the draft five-sided agreement on trade and economic cooperation during the meeting of the Heads of the Caspian State in Astrakhan in 2014.

Taking into account that the role of the Caspian region in transport policy is increasing today, Turkmenistan initiated the development of the agreement on cooperation in transport in the Caspian Sea. In this regards, we seek for support of Azerbaijan to the work on above-mentioned documents for including them in agenda of the nearest Caspian Summit, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has said.

In international energy cooperation sphere, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan stand for establishment of balanced multi-version system of delivery of energy carriers to the world's markets based on diversification of the routes, clear and transparent schemes, guarantees, reliability, safety and multilateral interests.

These projects undoubtedly are beneficial for our countries and based on economic and ecological points of view. According to the President of Turkmenistan, it is necessary to work initiatively and committedly for practical implementation of these plans and for making relative legal and organizational preconditions.

Transport is another important direction. Speaking of the partnership in this sphere, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan have favourable geopolitical and geo-economic location. Particularly, this is about the establishment of automobile ferry and railroad ferry services with connection of the Central Asian and Black Sea regions' states.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper