Turkmen Leader Speaks with Jean-Louis Schlesser

Following the race, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov spoke with the director general of the Africa Eco Race who was involved in implementing the Amul � Hazar 2018 project, Jean-Louis Schlesser, who asked the head of state to share his impressions of the prologue.

In response, the Turkmen leader expressed to the renowned driver his congratulations on the sports festival that kicked off on the banks of the Amudarya. Speaking of the track, as every athlete, I was certainly focused, said President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Following the precepts of our ancestors to begin a great cause with good wishes, I would like to express to all crews my heartiest wishes for a good journey and, of course, victory.

Jean-Louis Schlesser asked for the head of state’s opinion on holding this grandiose event � the Amul � Hazar 2018 international rally raid � with participation of numerous guests, and on the general idea of this competition.

� Sport is always good as it unites peoples and countries; it implies stability and global peace. Therefore I believe that today’s competition, for which many athletes arrived from different countries, is a great festival. Amul � Hazar 2018 eco-rally raid is of great significance. The name itself suggests that Turkmenistan has always been the heart of the Great Silk Road that is being revived in a new format today. The participants will see with their own eyes this historical route from Amul to Hazar and will enjoy the beautiful nature and the landscape of the Turkmen land. The main course crosses the Karakum Desert, and I believe that its exoticism will inspire our guests, replied the head of state.

During the conversation, the sides specifically focused on the environmental status of the rally. As this type of competition is linked to emission of harmful exhaust gases and ??2, in organizing the rally, we considered environmental and nature-protection issues as overriding matters. Turkmenistan always places a special emphasis on these problems in its policy-making, stressed the President and highlighted that the participants of the Amul � Hazar 2018 rally raid were provided with environmentally friendly fuel.

We intend to work on the production of ecological synthetic fuel from natural gas, which will give us an opportunity to see the future of this type of sport. The current processes on our planet � the global warming, natural disasters � take forward the issues concerning the environment and nature protection. In this context, the Turkmen leader stressed that the United Nations General Assembly had adopted relevant resolutions initiated by Turkmenistan.

Jean-Louis Schesser assured the head of state of the Africa Eco Race’s readiness to cooperate with Turkmenistan and of its interest in such partnership, and also of the willingness to raise global awareness on our country’s efforts towards addressing environmental and nature-protection issues.

We prepared the eco-rally raid together, and this is linked to the issues of ecology and environment that are highly relevant in the whole world today, said President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Another important aspect is the course of the Amul � Hazar 2018 rally that runs along the Great Silk Road. We are reviving this new Silk Road that, at the modern stage, will play an important role in the fields of transport and transit corridors; in shaping the multimodal system and creating the Modal highway, and this is what matters, stressed the Turkmen leader. This is geo-economics and geopolitics, and our initiatives in the fields of transport and transit corridors were supported by the relevant resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly, said the head of state.

The Turkmen leader thanked Jean-Louis Schlesser for his important work and noted the high professionalism of the organizing team of the current international competition. He expressed his gratitude for their activity and wishes for luck, good journey and new achievements to all athletes.

The head of state and Jean-Louis Schlesser exchanged opinions on the specifics of the track of the Amul � Hazar 2018 rally raid. The French professional stated the high organizational level of the competition and reiterated to the Turkmen leader his gratitude for support and personal contribution, and for taking the time for the discussion.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH