Turkmen media: The city of Arkadag is one of the seven wonders of Akhal

On February 2, the newspaper "Neutral Turkmenistan" published an article entitled "The Seven Wonders of Akhal". The author of the text, Cherkez Niyazmamedov , writes about the “magic power” of the number seven and draws a parallel with the seven wonders of the world. It should be noted that seven is also the favorite number of ex-president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

So, the wonders of the region are:

1) Ak bugday wheat , in honor of which the only white wheat museum in the world was built in the city of Anau.

2) Abiverd ancient settlement in the Kaakhka etrap. It is a rectangular fortress with an area of 105 hectares, which is fortified with defensive towers.

3) Baherden cave (local name Kov-ata ). According to the author, it is "rightfully called the eighth wonder of the world all over the world. " It is located 100 kilometers from Ashgabat, and at a depth of 60 meters from the entrance to the cave there is a lake.

4) Bagabat settlement , the main attraction of which are the ruins of the mosque of Sheikh Seyit Jemaletdin, which collapsed during the 1948 earthquake.

5) Mausoleum of Abu-Fazl (in the people Serakhs baba). Erected in the 11th century in the suburb of Serakhs over the grave of the Muslim mystic Abu Fazl.

6) Built "in a short time" in the Ovadandepe gengeshlik of the Geoktepe etrap "industrial cluster". Foreigners, the author writes, "call its construction, taking into account the difficult financial situation in the world, the economic miracle of Turkmenistan." It includes the enterprise " Türkmendemir ön ümleri ", a marble and granite processing plant, a plant for the production of gasoline from natural gas , etc.

7) The administrative center of Akhal velayat under construction is the city of Arkadag .

It should be noted that the day before this issue of the newspaper, the ambassadors of Turkmenistan abroad also began to present the city of Arkadag. Meanwhile, its opening is delayed.

In January last year, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov announced that the opening of the new city would take place in 2022, but did not give an exact date. In September, President Serdar Berdymukhammedov inspected the construction of the new capital of Akhal velayat, during which it was reported that the first stage of the city's construction would be ready for commissioning in December.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan