Turkmen motor racers perform with success at international competitions in Astrakhan Region, Russian Federation

Second round of Russian Rally Raid Championship The Gold of Kagan 2019, which was held Astrakhan Region, is accomplished. Besides the hosts of the tournament, sportsmen from Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Finland and Ukraine took part in the competitions.

500 racers competed on offroad motors, trucks and allterrain vehicles. The sportsmen have covered more that 700 kilometres of complicated track, which is represented by the mix of plain roads and deserted routes along astrakhan dunes for three days.

Merdan and Shokhrat Toyliyevs, who participated in The Gold of Kagan 2019 rally raid on Nissan Patrol took the second place. Another team of Turkmen racers, Beganzar Nuryagdiyev and Muhammetmyrat Gurbanov, who represented our country in Astrakhan Region Open Tournament on Mitsubishi Lancer L200, were the third.

Source: Turkmenistan State News AgencyTDH