Turkmen nationals hold another demonstration against the Turkmen authorities in Turkey

On Turkmenistan nationals organized another act of protest in Istanbul. The protestors holding picket signs and chanting “Down with Haramdag!” first headed to the Embassy of Turkmenistan, where the police officers with shields requested they do not block the road.

After arguing with the law enforcement officers for a few minutes, the outraged protestors headed to a nearby park to talk about their problems and requested that the President step down.

The participants of the demonstration were discontent by the fact that the authorities are rendering no support to its residents affected by the hurricane but instead are sending humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and Russia.

One of the participants said that he is an uncle of a conscript Seidulla Rasulov, who had died as a result of hazing in the army and demanded that those responsible in his death be identified.

Videos of the protest were posted on the Youtube channel of the Turkmen opposition politician Khalmurad Soyunov.

Let us recall that the previous act of protest was held in Istanbul on 15 May, 2020.

Demonstrations were also held in Northern Cyprus on 11 and 20 May, 2020.



Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan