Turkmen President familiarized with design sketches of horse silhouette towering over the stadium in the Olympic Village

At the meeting of the Government on February 18th, slides with sketches of horse silhouette design, overlooking the multifunctional stadium were presented to the attention of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Having become the official symbol of the 5th Asian Games, the image of a horse, highly revered by the Turkmen people who gave the world a unique Akhal-Teke breed, represents the ancient history of the Turkmen people and the rapid development of the country at present time. Its silhouette on the stadium is oriented to the south - the direction, which from ancient times was considered by the Turkmen as a sign of fame and success in large undertakings, as indicated by the corresponding proverb.

Given the fact that for centuries the life of Turkmens was full of different amulets, which were attributed to the sacral force, it is natural, that that on the neck the mount, which can be easily defined as Akhal-Teke by the form of thin ears, compared with pointed reed leaf, flaunts national talisman Aladzha - lace of interwoven strands of white and green.

White symbolizes purity of thought, our way forward with the swiftness of the national courser, our white-marble capital city of Ashgabat, and green stands for life and renewal.

Aladzha also decorates the torch over the head of the horse, gathered in the form of a bun of yuzerlik stems, whose golden crown surrounds the fire bowl. In accordance with national custom to kindle miraculous yuzerlik before big important endeavors, before the Olympic torch in kindled with fire, white smoke will be released from it, which according to ancient legends brings with it cleansing and good fortune. In this case, it would mean a sincere desire for friendship and cooperation, the strength of healthy spirit.

As is known, the tradition of use of yuzerlik as a medicinal plant, as well as a talisman, dates back to the ancient roots of the Turkmen nation. Its stems and seeds not only help to get rid of various ailments, but also help people in life, they are endowed with magical properties, allowing to protect people from all unkind. Since then, the tradition was born to fumigate new homes with smoke of yuzerlik as a healing herb, to hang it over the entrance door as a magic talisman that can protect the house from disease and negativity, attract wealth and luck.

The significance of all this national symbols and attributes will be explained to numerous foreign guests and athletes coming to the Asian Games by volunteers, translators and staff accompanying the delegations.

After hearing the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said that the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games will be held at the Olympic Stadium. The appearance of this large-scale facility will become a key image of Ashgabat Asian Games, so close attention is to be paid to its design and especially to the design of the head mount, which is a national heritage.

The appearance of the horse, rising over the dome of the stadium, shall transmit the role and significance of the horse throughout the history of Turkmens, said the Head of State, while making some adjustments to the submitted designs.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH