Turkmen residents head to Azerbaijan in search of jobs

Due to a severe economic crisis, a large number of Turkmenistan's residents are trying to leave for Azerbaijan in search of jobs, the news outlet ANT report.

According to the news outlet, huge queues of those trying to board the ferry bound to Baku line up in the sea port of Turkmenbashi. People can spend a few days waiting to board the ferry.

A ticket for the Turkmen ferry costs 160 manats (about $8,9 at the black market rate). However, a passenger pass is required to be able to get on the ferry.

Officially there is no charge for a pass but due to the influx of potential passengers, there is a shortage of passes. This led to the fact that speculators are selling them at 500 manats ($28), which is three times as much as the ticket fare.

Many intermediaries have been repeatedly detained on the scene and arrested but others still continue to be engaged in illegal sale as it is an extremely profitable business, � the media outlet quotes a Turkmenbashi resident.

Passengers can take the Azerbaijani ferry, but the fare is much more expensive. The ticket costs $60 and only foreign currency payments are accepted.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan