Turkmen school students are the prize-winners of Genius Olympiad

Annual International Project Olympiad, held in Osvgo, New York, brought together young ecologists from more than 70 countries and 40 states of the USA. The main objective of the contest is the ecological education. Innovative projects were presented in business, painting, art, science and poetry nominations.

Turkmenistan was represented by the team of the graduates from specialized schools of Ashgabat and Dashoguz. The quartet of young ecologists � Serdar Nepesov and Arslan Meretmuradov (specialized school No. 97, Ashgabat, Mukam Altiyev and Muhammetsydyk Abdrazakov (specialized school No. 26, Dashoguz) won bronze medals in science nomination.

The project works of high school graduates were dedicated to such current aspects as processing of food wastes, use of alternative sources of energy and reduction of harmful emissions. One of the mentors, the biology teacher Berdymurat Yazhanov told that his students Serdar Nepesov and Arslan Meretmuradov were the winners of international contests in the past. They have gold and bronze medal of intellectual tournaments in biology and computer technologies in Malaysia and Romania.

Turkmen school students win dozens of different medals at various prestigious international tournaments per year what indicates successful implementation of innovative educational reform, which is oriented at the best traditions of national pedagogics and world achievements.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper