Turkmen schoolchildren have learned how to make homemade firecrackers

For several years now, a ban has been imposed on private enterprises in Turkmenistan on the import of pyrotechnics and firecrackers.

Before the New Year, police bypass the bazaars and retail outlets to warn sellers once again about the ban.

According to local residents, there has really been less fireworks from petards, but from time to time explosions are still audible.

As it turned out, the teenagers themselves learned how to make firecrackers. In an interview with the Chronicles of Turkmenistan correspondent, one of the Ashgabat schoolchildren described in detail how this is done from the materials at hand. We will not publish instructions, of course.

According to the boy, before the New Year with schoolchildren they hold explanatory conversations and warn of the danger of firecrackers; in schools they hang pictures of children injured by explosions, but such measures do not apply to all students.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan