Turkmen selectionists cultivated new species of wheat

Integrated selection work for cultivation of new species of wheat is continued on the base of Agricultural Scientific and Production centre of Turkmen Agricultural Institute (Dashoguz). The world science and practice indicate that only local species and seed reproduction are able to give high and stable yields. The key directions of this work are the improvement of production and quality of seeds, resistance to illness, drought and heat resistance, resistance to cold weather and damping off.

In 2019, selectionists of the Centre cultivated two species of soft winter wheat for growing in all regions of the country. these are Rovachlyk and Galkynysh. Vegetation period of wheat is 200 210 days, protein content is 13 15 percent, gluten content is 32 34 percent, glassiness is 65 70 percent. The tests have shown that new species are resistant to plant diseases brown and yellow wheat rust and powdery mildew.

The Rovchalyk variety was cultivated by the methods of reverse crossbreeding of Kelek Bugday and Bat'ko species followed by individual selection. The height of the plant is 90 95 centimetres while the height of the eye is 11 12 centimetres, the weight of 1,000 grains is 38 44 grams. The production of the species in competitive test was 65.7 quintals from hectare for the last three years in average, having exceeded standard Sahrayi variety by 13.2 centners from hectare. High production was observed in 2017 69.2 centners from hectare. This is very high result for soil and climate conditions of Turkmenistan.

The Galkynysh species was made by crossbreeding of Bitarap and Yubilyenaya 100 species. The variety with height of 80 85 cm and with an eye of 12 14 cm has been cultivated. The production of the wheat is 60 centners from hectare for several years in average. In good conditions, the production will be higher. Maximum result was achieved this year and was 70.1 centners from hectare.

New species were handed over to the State Seed Production and Test Service of Turkmenistan for the state tests.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper