Turkmen sportsmen continue contesting for medals of Asian Games in boxing and weightlifting

The jujitsu tournament has been competed at the Asian Summer Games. Despite all efforts, Turkmen sportsmen have lost their chances to win event though they were close to win. Except Kemal Meredov who won the bronze in 'ne-waza' discipline in the weight category up to 56 kg.

In the weight category up to 85 kg, Mergen Jorayev took over 4:0 the sportsman from Kazakhstan in the 1/16 final. The second fight was held with better advantage of the jujitsu master from Turkmenistan � the gap of the score reached 7 points by the end of the fight. The fight with the opponent from Thailand has finished in advance.

� final fight against numerous prize winner of the World Championships and the winner of 2016 Asian Games Haydar Al Rasheed from Jordan was very hard. Our athlete has lost 4:0.

In the fight for the right to contest for bronze M. Jorayev took over the athlete from Palestine in advance.

The match for the third place has ended up in draw and the referees made the decision. One of them conferred the win to our sportsman while other to his opponent.

Violetta Krovyakova won 3:0 the representative from Kazakhstan in the first fight. Our sportswoman were qualified for the 1/8 final without any fight as her opponent from Jordan withdrew her participation.

Before the semi-final, our countrywoman met the representative of United Arab emirate who she confidently won 7:0. In the semi-final, Turkmen sportswoman has yielded to her opponent from Singapore.

The fight for the third place against the world championship prize winner from Jordan was equal. The results of the fight was judged by the activity of the wrestlers and unfortunately, it was not in the favour of our sportswoman.

Mirali Agayev (up to 62 kg)easily passed through 1/16 and 1/8 finals but in � final he lost 5:0 against the wrestlers from the UAE.

In additional fight, our sportsman took over the opponent by points for activity. In the fight for the bronze, M. Agayev could not block several holds of Jordanian sportsmen and lost, having taken the fifth place.

One bronze medal and four fifth places were the results of the first performance of Turkmen jujitsu wrestlers in Asian Summer Games in 'ne-waza' discipline.

Head Coach of national team Dovelmyrad Kasymov noted in the interview:

- Unfortunately, four of five of our athletes lacked literally one step. However, it speaks about their high potential. The way from the formation of 'ne-waza' discipline team in Turkmenistan to the medal of the Asian Games was very short, only one and half year. The progress of Turkmen sportsmen is visible � for short period, they have learned to wrestle against the world level masters. There is the capability for development of jujitsu, especially 'ne-waza' discipline as one of the leading martial arts in the country taking into account the inclusion of the sports to the programme of the Olympic Games.

The boxing matches are continued. Hursand Imankuliyev had his second fight where the confidently won the opponent from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, having knocked him down in the first round.

Weightlifting competitions in the weight category up to 75 kg have been accomplished. Gulnabat Kadyrova took the sixth place having lifted 211 kg in total. Swimmers and basketball players have finished the competitions without medals.

Next day, our sportsmen will continue the competitions in boxing and weightlifting.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH