Turkmen students are prize winners of the VI Student Olympiad in Arabic

Students of the Turkmen National Institute of World Languages named after D. Azady were among the winners of the VI Student Olympiad in Arabic, organized by the Institute of International Relations of the Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University (Kazan, Russia).

As a result of the review, two students of the Faculty of Oriental Languages and Literature of the linguistic university of the country – Ahmet Mahmudov and Muhammet Usmanov won the second and third places, respectively. Our students won prizes as a result of participation in one of the nominations of the Olympiad – a competition of oral speech.

The performance of the students was organized in an online format. As part of the Olympiad, Turkmen students demonstrated their language knowledge and abilities, as well as their Arabic language skills. The excellent level of preparation of students in the subject was highly noted by the jury of the competition. It should be noted that in this nomination of the Olympiad, the jury named only five winners and three winners.

In general, the Olympiad included the following five categories: Simultaneous Translation, Oral Speech, Translation, Poetry Competition and Essay Competition. The intellectual review was held with the participation of students of higher educational institutions of the CIS countries who study Arabic as a foreign language.

The annual Student Olympiad in Arabic is held in order to increase the level of creative and research activity of students, cognitive interest in the Arabic language, history, geography, traditions, literature and culture of the Arab countries, develop students abilities and identify gifted youth, as well as exchange experience and establish contacts between students of different directions who study Arabic as a foreign language.



Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper