Turkmen students enrolled in Belarus universities refuse to return to their home country

Students told a Belarus-based correspondent of Chronicles of Turkmenistan that a vast majority of the Turkmen graduates of Belarus higher educational establishments are reluctant to return to their home country. Young people are convinced that back home they will be exposed to widespread unemployment, rampant corruption and that their diplomas will not be needed.

Let us recall that this spring, after President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov issued the decree to approve the new procedure for acknowledging diplomas issued by overseas universities, Turkmenistan's Education Ministry disseminated the list of universities the diplomas of which will be acknowledged along with the list of fields of specialization which will be or, quite the opposite, will not be acknowledged in Turkmenistan.

According to a graduate of Mogilev State University named after A.A. Kuleshov, he and his fellow students failed to find the name of their educational establishment in the list. The students tried to clear up the matter in the Embassy of Turkmenistan but failed to get a comprehensible reply.

Even if our university was included, a huge bribe would need to be paid to nostrificate a diploma in Turkmenistan. Regrettably, the system is designed this way. I have talked to a dozen of fellow countrymen from Turkmenistan. None of them want to go back and they are preoccupied with pursuing opportunities to stay here or move to other countries, the young man said.

A graduate of Belarus National Technical University in Minsk reported about other problems, which prevent young Turkmenistan nationals from returning back to their home country.

Over the past few years my fellow countrymen and I have been more concerned with survival rather than the studies. Our parents fail to make money transfers via WU or bank cards. Moreover, those students, who went home for holidays, were constantly summoned for interrogations to the NSM and were forced to tell about their private matters during after-class hours and about their fellow students from Turkmenistan. Even here, in Belarus, we are under constant surveillance by employees of our Embassy. They are discouraged from coming back.

A Turkmen migrant worker in Turkey, who graduated from a Minsk university a few years ago, recalled how he tried to nostrificate his diploma:

For two years I have been trying, in vain, to get my diploma acknowledged by Turkmenistan's Ministry of Education. I did odd jobs. Then I gave up, borrowed some money and left for Turkey, which employs quite a lot of Turkmen specialists who hold diplomas of foreign universities. Many of them have the jobs, which are relevant to the field of specialization indicated in their diplomas.

According to official statistics for 2018 some 7749 students from Turkmenistan did a course of study in Belarus. This makes up 50% of all foreign students enrolled in this country.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan