Turkmen students participate in international culture festival in Peking

The North China University of Technologies (NCUT, Peking) hosted VII International Cultural Festival, where students from 37 countries including from Turkmenistan who study in this University took part. Personnel of the embassies accredited in the PRC has visited the Festival.

Director of the University, Professor Jin Ventang told to the guest about the history of educational institute, North China University of Technology, which was established in 1946, is multiprofile scientific education institutes, which combines humanitarian science and law economics and management is educational and research programmes. Since 1998, the University is sponsored by the PRC's central government and municipality government of Peking and is under jurisdiction of Chinese capital.

The structure of the NCUT includes 12 colleges as well as has 47 bachelor, 20 master and one doctorate programmes. The University has established partnership with more than 75 universities and colleges in Asia, Europe, America and Australia. 880 foreign students from 68 countries including 80 people from Turkmenistan study in the University.

Familiarization with exhibition, which was expanded under International Cultural Festival, took place after the tour around the University. Exhibits of each national exhibition hall samples of decorative, applied and visual art, national dress and souvenirs, books, photo albums and informational booklets, presented bright variety of traditions and customs as well as tendencies of modern development of the countries participating in the event.

Students wearing national dress welcomed the guests with traditional treats pishme, plov and sweets, in the hall of our country, which was made and decorated with support of the Embassy of Turkmenistan. Visitors of the art exhibition were able to enjoy artistic talents of young messengers of our country who presented bright pictures and ceramic works.

Concert programme introducing vocal and choreographic art of Turkmenistan, Japan, Congo, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Greece, Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Rwanda and Poland, was an adornment of the festival. After the concert, winners of the festival was warded with commemorative presents.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper