Turkmen weightlifter became vice champion of Asia among girls and juniors

In two age categories at once - among girls (under 17) and juniors (under 20) - Turkmen weightlifter Anamjan Rustamova won the title of Asian Vice Champion. A student of the 10th grade of the capital's sports school "Olimp" achieved this success at the continental youth championship taking place in Tashkent in the weight category up to 81 kg.

In this weight category, 4 athletes from three countries competed for medals in the youngest group, and three weightlifters in the oldest group. Our compatriot became a silver medalist in both types of the program, winning a total of 6 medals: three silver medals in the girls' tournament and a bronze medal in the snatch, and two silver medals in the clean and jerk and biathlon in the junior competition.

In total, Anamjan gained 201 kg (snatch - 88 kg, clean and jerk - 113 kg), 33 kg ahead of Pallimakkal Suni Amritha from India, who closed the prize three in the junior group - 168 kg (74 + 94) and 1 kg ahead of the bronze medalist in the tournament junior Dinaru Kipshakbay from Kazakhstan - 200 kg (89 + 111). Nigora Suvonova (Uzbekistan) - 212 kg (95 + 117) became the Asian champion in both types of the program with six gold medals.

16-year-old winner of the first sports category Anamjan Rustamova wins medals at international competitions for the first time. She began to go in for weightlifting in the Gurbansoltan eje etrap of the Dashoguz velayat with her first coach Deripbay Kerimbaev. Currently, she is improving her skills in the capital under the guidance of the head coach of the national team of Turkmenistan among girls under 17 Gurbandurdy Amanov.

Before the final event of the program - the competition of junior heavyweights (over 109 kg) in the treasury of the team of Turkmenistan - 20 medals (6 gold, 7 silver and 7 bronze). The awards in our team in the younger age group (not older than 17 years) were awarded to the 10th grade student of the Ashgabat secondary school No. 104 Medine Amanova (weight category up to 64 kg) and the 11th grade student of the Ashgabat secondary school No. 20 Saparly Mukhiev (up to 89 kg).

Recall that 261 athletes from 21 states compete for medals of the Asian Championship in two age categories at once. The teams of Japan and China, which are considered leaders in weightlifting, do not participate in competitions due to the epidemiological situation in their countries.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH