Turkmen weightlifter Gulnabat Kadyrova won silver at the Asian Championship in Bahrain

Gulnabat Kadyrova brought two silver medals to the team of Turkmenistan at the Asian weightlifting championship taking place in the capital of Bahrain.

In the weight category up to 71 kg, the 28-year-old pupil of the honored coach of Turkmenistan Ahmed Saryeva won silver in the snatch (102 kg), 5 kg short of her national record, and showed the fourth result in the clean and jerk (217 kg).

In the sum of two exercises, Gulnabat Kadyrova gained 219 kg – 6 kg less than at the recent 5th Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya (Turkey), and took 2nd place.

In the final protocol, our compatriot was 4 kg ahead of the now third Anuzhin Ganzorig (Mongolia) – 215 kg (99 + 116) and 9 kg behind Asian champion Yang Qiuxia (PRC) – 228 kg (106 + 122).

Recall that the best results of G. Kadyrova in individual exercises are: 107 kg in the snatch and 124 kg in the clean and jerk. If she reached the peak of her form, she could compete with the Chinese weightlifter for the gold medal, which indicates the great potential of our weightlifter.

Gulnabat has become the vice-champion of Asia for the second year in a row. Last year, at the Asian Championships in Tashkent, she became the second in the weight category up to 71 kg, gaining 223 kg (102 + 121) in total exercises.

In August of this year, at the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya, Turkey, G. Kadyrova improved this result by updating two records of the Islamiada during the competition: in the snatch – 107 kg and in the biathlon – 225 kg. The first one was also a new record for Turkmenistan, and the second one was a repetition of the national achievement that she set at last year’s World Championships in Tashkent, taking 9th place among 25 athletes with a result of 225 kg (101 + 124).

At the Olympic Games, Gulnabat made her debut in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, taking 13th place in the weight category up to 69 kg with a result of 195 kg (90 + 105).

Currently, Gulnabat Kadyrova combines weightlifting with the work of a coach at the 1st sports school of the Gurbansoltan eje etrap, Dashoguz velayat.

Following the results of six days of competition, the team of Turkmenistan at the 2022 Asian Championship in Manama won 4 medals. Recall that earlier two bronze medals – in the clean and jerk (97 kg) and biathlon (172 kg) – were won in the weight category up to 49 kg by the 24-year-old world champion 2018 in the weight up to 45 kg Yulduz Dzhumabayeva.

Among other Turkmen weightlifters Hydyrberdy Yagmyrov (up to 67 kg) took 7th place with a result of 280 kg (130 + 150). Gaygysyz Toraev (up to 81 kg) closed the top six with a total of 319 kg (142 + 177). Rustam Annaberdiev (up to 89 kg), gaining 330 kg (150 + 180) in the biathlon, shared 7-9 places with representatives of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Korea. And Shatlyk Shohradov (up to 89 kg) with a result of 350 kg (160 + 190) finished in 4th position, behind the bronze medalist Masoud Chatrai (Iran) by 8 kg.

The Asian Championship continues.



Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper