Turkmenabat drivers and traders strike against coronavirus restrictions

On November 5, about 30 drivers of the Lebapavtoulag transport enterprise refused to go to work in Turkmenabat, Radio Azatlyk reports .

The reason for the strike was a decree from Ashgabat limiting the number of passengers on one bus at the same time to 10 people. If there are more of them, drivers must write explanatory notes. If they are violated again, they face dismissal.

At the same time, the management left at the same level the plan for revenue in the amount of 300 manats per day. In case of non-compliance, drivers are also threatened with dismissal.

“If you take less than 10 passengers on a bus, it is impossible to earn 300 manats. If you break the plan - again, explanatory and the threat of dismissal. The head said that he would personally control how we fulfill these requirements, ”said one of the drivers of the enterprise.

As Chronicle of Turkmenistan previously reported , in Ashgabat, bus drivers chasing the plan often leads to inaccurate driving and road accidents.

The radio also reports that on November 1, sellers and owners of outlets at market No. 5 in Turkmenabat staged a spontaneous protest against the extension of quarantine restrictions.

The traders, who had been waiting for the market to open since November, waited at the entrance for more than 8 hours, and then, holding hands, blocked Amul Street, where the bazaar is located.

The police officers who arrived at the scene in five cars could not immediately disperse the action and called for reinforcements. The detained protesters were taken away in police cars. There is no information about their further fate.

This was also written by the Turkmen news edition, according to which about a hundred people gathered at the building of the regional khyakimlik demanded this. They said that all bazaars in the city work, albeit illegally, and bazaar No. 5 (they sell clothes, appliances, household chemicals - everything except food) is completely closed and people have nothing to feed their families.

“The protest did not help, no one is going to remove the restrictions. People were promised help, but what it will consist of is not clear. The Fifth Bazaar is still closed, ”the source said.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan