Turkmenbashi Refinery Complex boosts production and oil product supplies

Over the first six months of 2017, the Turkmenbashi Refinery Complex and Seidi Refinery outstripped the supply targets by 103.7 percent and delivered some 3.3 million tons of petroleum.

The production targets for the following products were exceeded and made up in percentage terms: oil and gas condensate � 105.1 percent; natural and associated gas � 101.9; natural gas exports � 103.2. As compared to last year's indicators, the production of gasoline reached 105.1 pc; diesel fuel � 104.4 pc; polypropylene � 106.2 pc; lubricants � 112.9 pc; liquefied gas � 123.4 pc.

The growth rates for the use of investments by the sector's enterprises reached 108.9 percent.

In the period under report, the Turkmenbashi Refinery Complex and Seidi Refinery produced over 1 million 22 thousand tons of gasoline (of all grades); over 1 million 23 thousand tons of diesel fuel; over 82 thousand tons of liquefied gas. All the figures are above the targets.

In particular, in the January-June period, the production of gasoline at the main plant of the Turkmenbashi Refinery Complex exceeded 917.3 thousand tons. The indicator increased by 14.8 thousand tons against last year. The production growth rates for A-95 gasoline and A-92 gasoline amounted to 116 percent and 140.2 percent respectively.

Over 409 thousand tons of A-95 gasoline were supplied abroad and for domestic needs, including 24.3 thousand tons for export.

As of July 1, 2017, the Turkmenbashi Refinery Complex's main plant supplied some 187 thousand tons of aviation kerosene to foreign countries and to the domestic market. Total cost of aviation fuel exports increased by 4.7 percent in comparison with last year's indicator.

As to kerosene, some 246 thousand tons were supplied, including 157.6 thousand tons for export with the cost going up almost by 2 percent.

In the January-June period, the total cost of exported diesel fuel (of all grades) supplied from the main plant of the Turkmenbashi Refinery rose by 33.6 percent as compared to last year's similar period. At the same time, diesel fuel exports increased from 13.7 percent to 17.4 percent.

Over 8.9 thousand tons of polypropylene were supplied for domestic needs with the growth rate standing at 193.5. It is 4.3 thousand tons more than last year.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH