Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex upgrades number of facilites

During the session of the Cabinet of Ministers on March 2, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov focused on the objectives of further steadfast development of fuel and energy complex including the improvement of its infrastructure, enhancement of production powers of petrochemical facilities producing wide variety of competitive goods.

According to the directions of the Head of the State on implementation of innovative technologies to oil and gas sector for the intensification of hydrocarbon resources processing, it is planned to make modernization of some facilities at Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex.

Following the plan, retarded carbonization installation is to be installed at the facility. The winner of the tender for construction of the unit is the consortium of the companies – WTL FZE (UAE) and Westport Trading Europe Limited (USA). American company is well-known in Turkmen oil and gas market. The company has put into operation modern installation for production of 37.2 thousand tons of high-quality road bitumen per year and reconstructed the reforming unit for production of high-octane gasoline at Seydi Refinery.

Practically new installation, licensed and designed by Foster Wheeler, the leading company of the branch, represents the complex of two units � retarded carbonization and de-asphalting of tar. Their main purpose is to process tar and heavy black oil residuals.

Retarded carbonization installation is one of important technological unites for the refinery. Its project design capacity is 900 thousand tons of product per year. In addition to total petroleum coke, the unit produces liquefied petroleum gas, which after additional treatment is to be delivered to the installation for production of liquefied export gas.

Coke gasoline produced by retarded carbonization installation is the component for AA-80 gasoline or also can be used as a material at reforming unit for production of high-octane gasoline. Light coke gasoil is also the material for diesel fuel hydro-treatment unit producing Euro 5 automobile fuel while heavy coke gasoil is the material for existing catalytic cracking unit.

The opportunity of maximum use of new retarded carbonization installation for opening of additions unit for production of needle coke is planned in the future.

500 thousand tons tar de-asphalting unit use the residuals of heavy fuel oil vacuum refining. It will make the product used in production of high-density oils and the material for existing catalytic cracking installations.

Therefore, new unit will be able to increase the efficiency of production of Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex on 10 � 20 percent and to provide the production of light oils with high added values.

Advanced practice of the leaders of oil refinery and equipment manufacturers will be applied during the construction of the unit according to the proposal of the project developers. Particularly, automated mechanisms of opening and closing of upper and lower manholes of coke chambers excluding the use of manpower during discharge of coke are planned to be installed.

Coke storage facility with crushing, transportation and loading terminals will be built at the facility. It is also planned to provide existing facility laboratory with the latest equipment.

Source: The state news agency of Turkmenistan