Turkmenhowayollary Service steadily increases number and quality of passenger and cargo flights

Civil aviation of independent Turkmenistan is stably developing. Less than a year ago, the opening of new International Airport � the main air harbour of the country, took place in Ashgabat. Super modern high technology airport complex is designed for 17 million passengers per year and around 3000 passengers per hour. New completely automated cargo terminal is able to process up to 200 thousand tons of cargo.

International airport has two air strips 3800 meters each and able to receive any type of planes of any cargo capacity providing the world-class level of service. Air traffic control service is provided with top modern navigation equipment.

The complex also has modern ground equipment. There more than 300 units of new loaders, aircraft refuellers, airport cleaning machines, lifters, gangways, etc. the fuel complex is able to provide uninterrupted supply of the fuel from the reservoirs of the fuel and lubricant materials store what allows considerably increasing the number of the aircrafts and time of refuelling.

Training of high qualified aviation personnel played the great role in mastering of new equipment and technologies. More than 900 specialists were trained during the construction of the airport. It allowed to bring the level of service of the passengers to high international standards.

Both volumes and quality of passenger and cargo transportation were considerably improved in short time. From the beginning of the year, air carries of the country made around two thousand international and more than 4.4 thousand domestic flights. The aircraft bearing the emblem of the falcon make flights to 18 international and 11 domestic destinations. Trial flights to Dushanbe and Erevan was made. Economic indicators of air transportation also grew significantly. For nine months, the rates of cargo and postal transportation increased on 30.6 percent and the income increased to 52.3 percent.

Aviation specialists note increased interest of foreign carriers to use air space of the country for transit flights and airports of Turkmenhowayollary for refuelling. Air traffic control system and number of radar stations used in automatic system of air traffic control on the routes and in airport zone were completely modernized. Besides, Ashgabat Airport was equipped with modern system of aircraft landing by navigation equipment and other modern equipment from THALES company. Owing to that, the number of aircraft flying across and refuelling in the country increased ten times.

1666 aircrafts made landing and refuelled in the airports of the country for the last 10 months. Aviation personnel made 40 million US dollars for servicing of foreign equipment, which is 25 million more than in the last year. This is the first time when Turkmenhowayollary service reached such result.

The construction of modern airport complexes is a part of general strategy for establishment of the developed air transport infrastructure and provision of it with the most modern equipment.

International airport in Turkmenbashy, passenger terminal and air strip in Mary were built by the initiative of the Head of the State. Construction of modern international airport in Turkmenabat is under completion in Turkmenabat; the airport of Dashoguz has new air strip that is able to receive Boeing � 777 � 200LR aircrafts and other planes.

Turkmenistan Joint Stock Company Limited has the first class equipment, which is regularly renewed. Recently, the air fleet was supplemented with three New Generation Boeing aircrafts. Providing timely technical service and maintenance according to C-check format, the aviators brought back to operation 10 planes, which had many flight hours. Comfortable new generation aircrafts Boeing-737-700 and Boeing- 737-800, which are the most popular models, replaced the planes that worked out their resources. At present time, there are 24 aircraft with high flight characteristics. The number of this type of air carriers will grow and by 2020, the entire fleet of the country will be replaced with these planes.

Training aircrafts � four Diamond plane and two Emestron helicopters, were procured for flight training of young pilots. Modern simulation centre of Turkmenhowayollary Service provided with the most advanced equipment was opened on the base of the Aviation Personnel Training School. If previously the crews flying New Generations Boeing had to go twice a year for the work practice to the training centre of the company in England, now, the flight personnel improves their pilot skills in the country what allowed to speed up the training of the specialists and economy considerable currency funds.

Civil aviation of Turkmenistan continues developing the infrastructure and expand the geography of international flights. The representative offices of the company are opened in 11 largest cities of Asian and Europe. Turkmenhowayollary Service is planning to start selling the tickets online at www.turkmenairlines.com.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper