Turkmenistan agrees to open a checkpoint for the passage of trucks on the border with Iran

Turkmenistan has agreed to open the Incheh-Borun checkpoint on the border with Iran, MEHR news agency reported , citing the press secretary of the Iranian Customs Administration (IRICA), Rouhollah Latifi .

According to Latifi, since October 14, after a 20-month pause, the Turkmen side has agreed to let the cargoes from Iran transported by trucks into its territory, on the condition that local tractors will transport them through Turkmenistan.

At the moment, one of the four border points, Bajgiran, remains closed.

In December 2020, Latifi announced that Inchekh-Borun is open for train traffic.

Turkmenistan closed the Iranian border in February 2020, following the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in Iran. As a result, a large number of trucks got stuck on the Turkmen border. For example, about 800 Turkish trucks have accumulated at the Lutfabad checkpoint in March 2020 .

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan