Turkmenistan Airlines EASA compliance audit to be held in August

The news outlet Aviationpros reported that since February 2019 Turkmenistan Airlines has been committed to raising their performance to meet relevant EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) requirements.

Turkmenistan Airlines jointly with Lufthansa Consulting has developed and started implementing the comprehensive action plan. This involves improvement of main management systems, particular the Safety and Quality management system, documentation development, personnel training, software implementation and equipment procurement, and most importantly, cultural changes within the company, � the news outlet reports.

On 29 May, 2019 the air carrier presented a progress report on the improvement in safety standards. The next meeting is scheduled to be held in late July. The formal request for the mandatory on-site assessment of Turkmenistan Airlines will be sent by EASA in early August 2019.

Let us recall that on 4 February EASA suspended Turkmenistan Airlines flights to and from the EU. Later the Turkmen side announced that the ban was related to some discrepancies between the US and European systems, defining the requirements and standards of aircraft use. The Turkmen aircraft complied with the US standards, which EASA was discontent with. However, there were no reports pertaining to the personnel qualifications, software, equipment or culture-related issues.

On 3 May 3 Turkmenistan Airlines posted the updated timetable of its flights, pursuant to which flights to EU were scheduled to be resumed from 1 June. However, a week later the official website of Turkmenistan Airlines deleted information on resuming flights to European destinations.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan