Turkmenistan and Bahrain confirm the commonality of views on the important international issues

The top-level talks between Turkmenistan and Bahrain take place in Ashgabat. Upon completion of the one-on-one talks, the negotiations continue in the extended format with the participation of the members of the official delegations of the two countries.

It was noted during the meeting that this was the first state visit of the King of Bahrain to Turkmenistan and therefore, the sides have high expectations of this visit, considering it as an important event in the history of the two countries and peoples.

The agenda of the current talks includes a wide spectrum of issues related to the bilateral relations and every possibility to bring them to a new level, meeting the long-term strategic interests of our states.

The key theme of discussions is the cooperation between Turkmenistan and the King of Bahrain in the foreign-policy sphere, where the both countries demonstrate mutual understanding, common positions and approaches to the main global issues, in particular the sustainable development and security in the world, Central Asia and Middle East.

The sides expressed the confidence in that the political and diplomatic mechanisms and tools should be used to resolve conflicts and ensure the durable and long-lasting peace as well as agreed to mutually support each other in fames of the international organizations.

During the current talks, Turkmenistan and Bahrain have confirmed the commonality of views on such important political issues as contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals, the struggle against the universal challenges, including terrorism, extremism, cross-border crime, illicit drug trafficking. The most important condition for such cooperation is the intensification of systematic relations between the governments of both countries and the agencies of foreign affairs.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper