Turkmenistan builds railway to Afghanistan

Construction of the Atamyrat-Imamnazar (Turkmenistan) � Akina (Afghanistan) section of the Asian International Railway Transport Corridor (Phase 1) has been completed, the Foreign Ministry of Turkmenistan said in a message Oct. 31.

Construction of the Turkmen-Afghan railway started June 5, 2013.

The total length of the transnational highway is 88 kilometers, 85 kilometers of them run through the Turkmen territory, and the remaining 3 kilometers run between Imamnazar and Akina border points.

The launching ceremony of the Turkmen-Afghan railway in Akina station was attended by the heads of the railway ministries of the two countries, as well as representatives of local authorities.

The speakers at the ceremony said that Afghanistan expects a large social and economic impact from the new route. Main construction and assembly work at the stations, engineering facilities, supporting infrastructure objects has been completed.

Turkmen and Afghan local builders together with the specialists of the Ukrainian company Altcom constructed two railway bridges on the highway over branches of wide Karakum River, at its very head.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan