Turkmenistan celebrates ancient Novruz-Bayram

Residents of Turkmenistan celebrated the ancient holiday of Novruz-Bayram. The most important events of the holiday were traditionally held in the Valley of Novruz near Ashkhabad. An old Turkmen village with yurts, an oriental bazaar, artisan workshops, platforms where folklore groups perform and theatrical performances for real and fictional historical subjects are played out here during the holiday.

The guests of the holiday, traveling through this ancient settlement, at the end fall into that part of the village, which is called Novruz Kitchen. There are 40 cauldrons installed over which skillful chefs chant and prepare for the guests the most exquisite dishes of the Turkmen cuisine, as well as the cuisines of the peoples of the Central Asian region. Here you will be offered pilaf, shurpa, gutabs, samsa, dumplings with eggs, meat, greens, pumpkin, kebabs, lamb shashlik, fish and much, much more. This is the part of the village where guests forget about all the recommendations of all nutritionists of the world.

Novruz-Bayram continues with the onset of the evening, when the bonfires are lit, and everyone willing jumps over it, as the ancestors of the Turkmen people did in very distant times, believing that it would bring good luck and well-being.

Festive concerts and mass celebrations dedicated to Novruz Bayram took place these days in all regions of Turkmenistan.

Source: Turkmenistan.ru