Turkmenistan Central Bank produced commemorative coins dedicated to the TAPI project

On the eve of the historic event - the Ceremony of laying the Afghan section of the transnational gas pipeline Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India - a collection of numismatic rarities issued by the Central Bank of the country was supplemented with a set of commemorative gold and silver coins with a face value of 100 manat. Numismatic novelties were made by the old partner of our country - Great Britain Mint "Royal Mint".

On the front side of both coins in the center against the background of sand dunes the geographical maps of the states participating in the TAPI project with their names in the Turkmen language are depicted - TARKMENISTAN, OWGANYSTAN, PA�KISTAN, HINDISTAN. Here the route of the gas pipeline is indicated and the points of its destination are marked in each country. In the direction of this route is depicted a camel caravan symbolizing the Great Silk Road. In the upper part there is a power transmission line, which is planned to be extended parallel to the TAPI route. In the lower part there is a gas pipeline in the form of a large diameter pipe, on the left side of which a flame breaks out. A fiber-optic cable stretches over the pipe, sparkling at the edge and ending on the image of the map of India. On the circumference there are inscriptions "TARKMENISTAN-OWGANYSTAN-PA�KISTAN-HINDISTAN GAZ GECIRIJISI" and "ASGABAT 2018", separated by octagons.

On the back side of the rarities in the center is the State Emblem of Turkmenistan, on top of which is the inscription "TARKMENISTANYN MERKEZI BANKY", and in the lower part - "AAZ MANAT". There are also hallmark and weight. Inscriptions are separated from each other by octagonal patterns.

Commemorative coins with a diameter of 38.61 mm were minted from pure gold - 916.7 standard and silver - 925 standard. Their weight is respectively 39.94 and 28.28 grams. The attached certificate of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan guarantees the quality of collection novelties � proof.

A set of coins from precious metals will replenish an invaluable numismatic collection, created in our country and will become a good gift for numerous domestic and foreign collectors.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper