Turkmenistan citizen, fearing persecution, asks to stop his deportation from Turkey

A citizen of Turkmenistan, Rustem Yusupov , who is in Turkey and received refugee status at the UN in 2016, was detained by representatives of the Turkish migration service and placed in a temporary detention center. He faces deportation to Turkmenistan.

The 32-year-old Yusupov is sure that he faces prison in Turkmenistan, since in 2017 he has collaborated with Radio Azatlyk and gave an interview under the pseudonym Arslan.

After that, security officers of Turkmenistan came to his relatives in Mary with inquiries about his whereabouts, kind of activity and the demand to force him to return, Azatlyk reports .

The spouse of Rustem - Recepova Myahri also appealed for help to human rights organizations . According to her, if Rustem is sent to Turkmenistan, he can be accused of treason and no one knows what can be done with him.

Rustem and Myahri came to Turkey in 2007. The couple was forced to leave Turkmenistan due to pressure and threats from the girl's relatives, who were against their marriage.

As Rustem told, in 2016 he applied to the UN and received refugee status. However, in January 2019, the Turkish Constitutional Court reversed this decision.

Yusupov is sure that the reason for this decision of the Turkish authorities is connected with the pressure of the Turkmen government because of its cooperation with Radio Azatlyk.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan